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        Store+Store PricePair View - The Main Console. Compare Amazon-Walmart-like mega-stores.

        CouponView. To see Coupons, Discounts or Stores.

        Puzzle-Aided Shopping to Speed Up or Slow Down Your Shopping Pace

        Brand+Merchant PairView. Global top brands and where you can buy them.

        Merchant+Product PairView. Many exciting merchants and what they offer currently.

        The Fabled World News Digest - The NewsPair Console. You can find out why others stopped updating their news bookmarks.

        Games - Collection of Good Games; Lot of Fun but not Frustrating.

        Credits. Who helped our development and who can help your future projects also.

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    PairView Shopping

    You have been an avid and efficient shopper, benefiting many merchants and the general economy as a result. But you are an extra-ordinary mult-tasker seeking more of increasingly-satisfying digital experiences. Here we offer you a chance to apply all of your highly-honed multi-tasking capabilities in shopping.

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    PricePair Shopping

    If you are comparing prices alone, there are many other good sites we can recommend. Of course, we are showing the best prices from our merchants. But there are more in what we do. We present all our merchant in a consistent format, maybe little boring news article format, rather than BUY-BUY-THIS style, so that you can keep your cool until you come to the best buying decisions. Choose among all mega-sites and department stores.

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    Brand+Merchant PairView

    This is a brand-discovery mode. You get to learn top global brands like Dior, Gucci and Boss. Feel their presentation flairs and visit their actual merchandising sites. Of course, you want to save also. Visit their authorized retail outlets like Nordstrom, Macy's and Amazon.

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    Merchant+Product PairView

    This is a merchant-discovery mode. We introduce a growing number of participating merchants with their profiles and their offered products carrying the most up-to-date prices. You will be surprised how well their specific niches are show-cased. This will make an interesting reading, even though you are not in a buying mode.

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    Puzzle-Aided Shopping

    Sometimes, you are shopping too much too fast. You can regain your "right" shopping pace, by visiting our puzzle site to cool your head. Or even you can speed up store searches. How this contradiction is possible? Under the soothing puzzle faces, you can access 100s hidden store names so that you can do some memory-enhancing calisthenics while doing extra-fast shopping.

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    World News Digest

    The fabled World News Digest, one of our sister sites, will be a delight and time saver for you. How? Making this site included in you browser bookmark, you can access major publications and get the daily summary within less than 15 minutes a day. If you are a multi-tasking or bi-lingual reader, you will love our side-by-side NewsPair mode. World news on left, Celebrity News on right, English on left, Spanish on right!

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    If you love our style, you will love the Credits page. It shows where you can get help for your next projects. Please check the Credits page of and also, since they are more detailed.

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    Privacy Policy

    We respect your privacy preferences and we will try to run our sites with near-zero personal information from you, thus we have no registration requirements except one case. Our service will continue to be intuitive and non-intrusive.

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    DocuComm LLC

    DocuComm service you in three areas. Shopping, News and Project Facilitation with three respective websites,, and Our company is not so traditional in Project Facilitation aspect, i.e. we do not offer paid services. We just show you our tools and document how we do. Only upon our invitations, some web developers and marketing personnel join and pool their resources for mutual benefits.